To remember and be remembered are natural human needs. Throughout human history, memorialization of the dead has been a key component of almost every culture.

Psychologists say that remembrance practices, from the funeral or memorial service to permanent memorialization, serve an important emotional function for survivors by helping to bring closure and allowing the healing process to begin.

Providing a permanent resting place for the deceased is a dignified treatment for a loved one's mortal remains. When cremation is chosen, a final, permanent resting place allows for the life to be memorialized for immediate family as well as future generations.

Columbaria feature areas Will consist of two at the entrance to the new sections and one behind the mausoleum will provide approximately 900 niches capable of holding almost 1,800 cremation inurnments.  St. Mary’s Cemetery will now be able to provide a dignified, respectful, prayerful place of repose for those wishing an above ground interment In-Ground Those who plan for a cremation in-ground burial have a variety of choices including where the gravesite is located within our cemetery and what type of monument you wish to have.

1.      LAND

The Section selected and the actual grave itself to be used for the interment .

2.      Cremation Vault

All cremation burials shall be placed in an acceptable outer burial container. Cremation vaults must be purchased from the cemetery office prior to burial.


The actual cost for digging the grave and closing it up.


The memorial used to mark the gravesite. These requirements vary from section to section. Pre-Planning is always available to our families. See family counselor for this and more information.