St. Mary's Cemetery

St. Mary Cemetery , located in Wappingers Falls , NY , has served the central and southern Dutchess County Catholic faith community since the mid 1840’s.  The church cemetery played an important part in parish life from the start of the parish. A history of the parish is contained in the cemetery, as it is the final resting place for the mortal remains of our ancestral and current brothers and sisters in faith as they begin the journey to eternal life in the Beatific Vision.

The St. Mary's Cemetery began serving the faith community shortly after the establishment of the parish and has served the parish continuously for generations.As time passed and additional interments were made, the cemetery expanded to its present size and now has matured.

Our Mission

St. Mary's Cemetery is dedicated to providing professional, dignified and caring service. Our founders envisioned a resting place of beauty in a setting of peace and serenity.

Their vision became their mission. The cemetery, from its inception, recognized its responsibilities to families and funeral directors who utilize our services. Our cemetery has provided caring, compassionate service for many generations.  We embrace and appreciate the involvement of our employees who are in harmony with management to adhere to the concepts of moral and ethical positioning of St. Mary's Cemetery at all times.