Special Advantages of Pre-Planning with St. Mary's Cemetery

  • Costs are frozen at current prices.
  • Emotional overspending is avoided.
  • Interest free payment options are available.
  • Your wishes are respected.
  • Peace of Mind !
  • An emergency is the wrong time to learn the facts and costs.
  • The right way is to plan together before the inevitable occurs.
  • Outside Columbarium
Security and peace of mind are loving gifts to be shared together.

When we have provided a PATH for our loved ones to follow in times of sorrow, we eliminate confusion and avoid possible misunderstanding.


The death of a loved one is a burden every household will experience.

Most families are poorly prepared to deal with the hardship and cost that death has forced upon them.

The decision to plan years in advance can eliminate the confusion and financial burden, thus allowing families to care for each other’s emotional and financial needs.